The goal of this project is to develop and implement a sustainable, vertically and horizontally integrated, inter-professional educational curriculum targeting emergency responders who are likely to encounter individuals with acute (or acute on chronic) behavioral health conditions. The curriculum will embrace educational technology (including distance learning using a “flipped classroom” approach and video simulation) so as to reach large numbers of personnel, provide a high-quality learner centered experience, and provide cost-effective instruction.

The MI-CIS project will develop a systematic approach to preparing emergency and public safety personnel to deal with a variety of behavioral health conditions. The curriculum will be horizontally integrated in that it will go beyond traditional police patrol officers by expanding to include the entire continuum of the emergency response system; ranging from 911 to police (and corrections) to EMS to potentially to the hospital emergency department. The curriculum will be vertically integrated in that the educational courses will use a tiered approach ranging from awareness-level introductory courses that are delivered entirely through a distance learning system (DLS), to more extensive DLS-based intermediate-level course with an optional hands-on training component, to an advanced-level course that relies on successful completion of both the online DLS preparatory course as well as hands-on interactive instruction using standardized patients and traditional and immersive video-based scenarios.

MI-CIS will result in a truly integrated statewide, evidenced based approach to dealing with behavioral emergencies. MI-CIS will provide sustainable emergency responder training that is educationally and fiscally effective, directly benefiting some of Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens and potentially becoming a national model.


MI·CIS in action!

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